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London Lifestyle Apartments luxury serviced apartments in London
London Lifestyle Apartments luxury serviced apartments in London
London Eye and Westminster, London

When the world’s TV, newspapers and social media suddenly lit up on Friday morning last week announcing a decision for Brexit and, soon afterwards, our Prime Minister resigned and world financial markets went into freefall, you may have wondered what is going on and how this affects you.  Some people have contacted me to ask what this means, so let me try to sum it up for you:

“Brexit” refers to a decision by a slim majority in a referendum held on Thursday that the UK should leave the European Union.

What does this mean for you and any trip to the UK you may be thinking of making?  First and foremost, the drop in the value of the £ sterling means there has not been such a good time to make a trip to the UK for about 35 years.  Your currency – almost whatever that may be – will buy more than it would have before Thursday.  Much more.  So, yes, you can afford one of London Lifestyle’s luxury apartments, good meals out, excellent shopping, going to a show and much, much more.

luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge, London
Spacious and elegant lounge of your Knightsbridge serviced apartment London

Secondly, as the Mayor of London and Time Out here amongst others, have been quick to point out, London remains the very welcoming, open, multi-cultural city it was last week.  London is one of the world’s most visited cities and for a host of very good reasons that you can begin to get a taste of from the excellent Visit London website.  Whatever your interest you can be pretty sure that London has it covered very well and London is considered worldwide to be a very cool place to visit.  It still is and Londoners will welcome you with open arms, as we always have.

chelsea london serviced apartment
Modern Dining Area and Lounge at The Thackeray Style serviced apartment in Chelsea

Whatever immigration requirements (or lack of them) applied to you before the referendum apply now.  If you are an EU citizen, you can come to the UK as freely as before and that will not change for at least 2 years, if at all.  If you planned to visit the UK and then travel on to another EU country, you can do so as freely as before.

It is not just the number of visitors or its sights, shopping or theatres that London is noted for.  London is the most diverse city in the world with over 250 languages spoken in the city.  Around 60% of London’s population were not born in the UK making London truly an international city.  Our own industry – hospitality – has a very high proportion of the workforce, from Director level down, not born in the UK.  So, you can be sure of a warm welcome at our apartments and around this vibrant city.

luxury serviced apartment in Belgravia London
The bright spacious Lounge and dining area of your service dpaartment in Belgravia, London

For the next 2 years, at least, the UK remains a full member of the EU.  It takes at least that time to conduct the negotiations needed – we have not yet formally given notice and will not do so before September.  So, whilst our politics are in chaos and the financial markets, having recovered a little from the shock, are a little down on where they were, London and the UK as destinations are thriving.  Our guests and visitors are enjoying the Summer months in this very lively, very international city with so much to offer.  Take advantage of the cheap £ now and book and pay for your stay with London Lifestyle Apartments.


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